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Leveraging Intellect

In 2013, the firm initiated the Modelling Associate Program (MAP). The program invites eminent scholars and academicians, expert on big data with specifics on machine learning and pattern mining from premiere Indian institutions to collaborate and develop trading algorithms which are then deployed in the market.

MAP has created a highly enriched knowledge pool, which not only provides an exciting opportunity for our people to exponentially enhance their learning, but also provides a platform for the academicians to test their knowledge in a live and real environment.


We also sponsor a masters (M.S.) program in pattern mining and machine learning on market data at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi.


An Attempt to Attract Best Talents

Modelling associate program is a serious attempt for attracting the best talent to work with us. We have put considerable weight behind this program as the board of MarkeTopper believes that in coming years this program will contribute in retaining our sustainable competitive advantage.

This program is personally mentored by Mr. Divya Jyoti, who is the chief operating officer of the company.

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